Payroll & Human Resources Outsourcing

What we can do for you.


Scroll down and you’ll see that PPI can take on a multitude of back office responsibilities so clients can direct their energy toward building and growing their enterprise (and bottom line) – instead of paperwork.

• Payroll Administration
• Human Resources
• Workers’ Compensation
• Employee Benefits

PPI assumes responsibility and liability for payment of wages and compliance with all rules and regulations governing the reporting and payment of federal and state taxes. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes PPI as the employer of record for all federal taxes and PPI is the employer of record for all state and local taxes. Responsibilities include:

• Payroll Preparation
– One payroll check per employee with multiple billing among departments, if required
– No minimum payroll requirements

• Timely Tax Deposits
– FICA:  Social Security and Medicare
– FUI:  Federal Unemployment Insurance
– SUI:  State Unemployment Insurance
– DIS: State Disability

• Filing of Quarterly Reports
• Preparation and distribution of Year End W-2

PPI stays abreast of changes in federal and state labor laws to ensure that clients are in compliance and meet all filing requirements, such as:

• EEO Reporting
• Claims management and reporting
• State and Federal Labor Postings


With a range of services that encompass all aspects of the employer-employee relationship, PPI offers tailored HR consulting and support:

• Confidentiality Agreements
• Employee Applications
• Employee Search Assistance
• Employment Agreements
• Harassment Hotline
• Vacation Guidelines
• Workplace Policies
• Performance Evaluation Guidelines

PPI procures Workers’ Compensation coverage and eliminates down payments, payroll-premiums and audit premiums for clients. Other services include:

• Disability
• Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
• Errors and Omissions Insurance
• General Liability Insurance
• Unemployment Insurance

We administer benefits plans, as well as maintain compliance for HIPAA, COBRA and ERISA on clients’ behalf. PPI offers:

• 401k Plan
• Credit Unions
• Dental
• Limited Medical
• Medical
• Section 125 Plan
• Supplemental Insurance
• Vision
• Term Life

Our partners are among the top names in U.S. healthcare and financial services. By leveraging these relationships and our extended client base, PPI can offer a range of quality products to suit every need and situation.

• UnitedHealthcare
• Delta Dental
• The Hartford
• NuMark Credit Union
• Bank of America